Aug 1, 2012

Tortilla Cookies!

I had planned on doing another post today but I've been a little obsessed with the Olympics lately and haven't wanted to leave the couch much.  Until I was about 22 years old,  sports were a HUGE part of my life, so to be able to watch people live out their athletic dreams all day has been heaven to me.  Unfortunately, my kids haven't enjoyed it as much.  Because I was feeling a little guilty about not being the best mom today I decided to make one of my son's favorite treats, Tortilla Cookies!

 It was also a little selfish because they only take about 5 minutes, which means more Olympic time for me! I have my friend Mattie to thank for this little trick. We were once talking about how much we LOVE the tortillas from Costco, and she told me she turns them into little homemade churros. YUM-O!

I am seriously infatuated with these tasties!  We use them all the time for tacos, quesdillas, chicken burritos and other recipes.  I haven't tried them with a recipe like enchiladas, so if someone has, let me know how it went.  Anyway, these are so soft, fluffy, delicious and freeze well.  You can find them in the freezer section at Costco.

You cook them yourself which is why they are oh so good!

They don't take long so don't walk away.  Just seeing them puff up makes my mouth water!

Add a thin layer of butter to the top of your warm tortilla.

And then a generous layer of a cinnamon sugar mixture. 

Continue adding butter and cinnamon/sugar as you roll the tortilla.

When you're done you'll have yummy little treats that tastes a lot like a churro.  My kids don't know what a churro is so they call them tortilla cookies and we have them all the time for bedtime snacks or when my kids want a treat and I don't want to bake.  Quick, easy and delicious, that's how we roll!




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