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Welcome to Many Many Hats!  We are a mother-daughter team who wanted to start a blog to help all the amazing women who are juggling many hats.  On this blog you will find everything from cleaning and parenting tips to a wide array of yummy recipes. At Many Many Hats we believe in family dinners, playing with children, finding humor and joy in chaos.  We believe in finding ways to simplify life, so we try to keep everything on here easy, helpful and light.  We in no way think of ourselves as experts in the field of homemaking, although Ann did get a BS in home economics education over 30 years ago. We hope you find something on here that will help you in some way. 

Hello!  My name is Julie and I wear many, many hats.  Just a few of the hats I wear go with the title of taxi driver, nurse, artist, police woman, cook, maid, teacher and of course I wear a party hat all day long!  I am the wife to an awesome husband and the mother of two incredible children. These three people, whom I love with all my heart, are the focus of my life.  When it comes to parenting I wear a halo (on occasion) and a witch hat (maybe too often).   Before I had kids I went to school to become a behavioral therapist for children with special needs (primarily autistic kids.)  Seven years of working with many different children with different challenges has taught me so much about life, myself and children.  I wish I could say these experiences have made me the perfect mom but that's just not true.  I struggle with my own kids more than I thought I would but because of my training I feel like I know that every obstacle can be overcome with patience, love and hard work. 
You can contact me at julie.nebs10@gmail.com
Hi! My name is Ann, over the years I’ve worn many, many hats.  I’ve been a teacher, taxi driver, gardener, plumber, decorator, and my kids biggest fan.  I've been a baker, master chef and short order cook, I could go on and on.  I can't say that it was easy, but juggling all those hats has helped me find true joy in life.

Wow, how amazing that women can share so many ideas with each other so easily.  I wish I had the Internet as a resource when I started as a mother and homemaker.  Back in my day, calling Mom was long distance which added up fast and books do go out of date quickly.  I’m a mother of four, but now my husband and I are empty-nesters (at least most days.)  We are enjoying being grandparents to our three cute grandchildren.   

contact me- ashinney@hotmail.com

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