Jul 25, 2012

#1 Time Saver at Dinner Time

My number one, can't live without, way to save time when making dinner is to cook meat ahead to
use later.  It really saves you time if you have ground beef or chicken cooked and ready to use in your freezer.  I buy a large package of ground beef (which costs less per pound) then I brown it with chopped onion, and season with salt and pepper.  I usually add 1/4 onion to a pound of ground beef.  After the meat is browned I drain off the grease.  Then I package it for freezing.  Don't forget to write the date on the freezer bags or containers.  (I try to date everything I put in the freezer.)  Two cups is about the same as a pound to use in your recipes.  Sometimes before I start I take out some to freeze for hamburgers or meatloaf, if they're on the menu soon.  Just think how fast it will be the next time you need browned ground beef for dinner you won't need to chop onions, drain the grease off, or clean the pan!  The frozen meat thaws well in the microwave.  I love it for tacos, spaghetti, Baked Pasta, enchiladas and many, many more dinners.

For Chicken I buy the bags of frozen chicken breasts.  Then I thaw the whole bag and cook it all the way I'm using it for the first meal.  I cook it all on the grill or I simmer it with onion to shred for a casserole.  Then I label and freeze what I don't use for that meal.  It always gets used and saves me a lot of time.



Ashli 7/25/2012  

Thanks for the tip! I do this with my ground beef but hadn't thought of doing it for chicken.

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