Mar 13, 2012

Creature Habitats

Some days I feel that my kids think it is my sole responsibility to sit around and entertain them ALL DAY LONG!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being with my kiddos but I do have other things I have to do, like constantly fight a losing battle with the laundry.  Because of this I'm always trying to think of new things to help my kids entertain themselves.  This activity takes a few minutes to set up but then you're free to do something else besides entertain for a while.

One day we came up with the idea of a creature habitat.  My son is very much into animals/bugs and learning everything he can about them.  I'm surprised with how long this will entertain him. Not only is this activity fun but it's also educational!

We start with an old Dinner Group pan that has seen better days but doesn't leak. You can use any old pan or container.

Then we decide what creature we are going to learn about.  This day it was worms.  We often will look up some info on our subject online or I just tell him what type of habitat that particular creature would live in.

Then we create it.  I send him outside to collect the specific elements that would be in the habitat such as rocks, leaves, trees (sticks) and whatever else he finds.  We usually add a little water because what kid doesn't love playing with water. 

I am a mom that believes that childhood is to be fully experienced which means getting dirty sometimes.  I'm fine with a little water and mud in the kitchen but we do set limits.  If anything leaves the table we're done.

We add our creature of the day.  Sometimes they are real like the worms and sometimes it's one of his toys.
Then I have one happy boy who loves to play with his little friend in his new home.  I really am surprised how long he will play with this.  He'll move those little guys all over their home, make up stories about them and on and on. 

He's happy and I can enjoy and few minutes of peace.  Often I use times like this to go to the bathroom ALL ALONE! :)

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