Feb 2, 2012


First, let me explain why we have a halo and a witch hat on our parenting link.   Everyday of our parenthood journey we have to put on our halos and pull out every saint-like quality we can. We sacrifice so much in order to try our best to serve those little ones selflessly with patience, forgiveness, kindness, compassion and love filling our hearts.  Sadly, until those little ones are grown and have their own to care for they will not understand all that we do for them.

Living with a halo above our head is what most parents strive to do but for most of us we often fall short.  I find myself letting my halo slip DAILY and then the witch hat comes out.  And though, I TRY to hide my witch hat as much as possible, there are times I pull it out intentionally.  Growing up, my mom used to say "at 9:00 I turn into a witch so you better be in bed!"  Now I understand why.  There are times that it is crucial for our child's well being that we show that we are serious, firm and sometimes in their minds unfair and even mean.  I know I get called a 'mean mom' more than I ever thought possible and my oldest is only 4!
Here at Many Many Hats it is our hope and goal to help others get through the battlefield of parenthood by giving ideas, tips, hope and more than anything, support.  You are not alone!  Ann, my wonderful mother, has four grown children and has learned a few tricks along the way.  I'm the young mom trying desperately to learn all the tricks and become the best mother I can.
All that being said, we in no way think of ourselves as experts on the topic of parenting.  Being the best mothers WE can be is one of our passions; but just because something worked for us, doesn't mean it will produce the same results for you.  Every situation is so very different which makes life more rewarding but also more challenging.  We know we still have lots to learn about the subject.  So, we invite you to come learn with us.  In this section you can find some of our greatest success stories, but you will also read about our failures and the mayhem that accompanies parenthood.  We invite you to share your ideas as well!


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