Nov 25, 2012

Oreo Truffles!

It's Simply Sweet Sunday! I'm a traditional kind of girl,and I like to do my holidays in order.  I refuse to listen to Christmas music or put up my tree until after Thanksgiving.  But now that Thanksgiving is over it's time to be thinking about the most magical time of year, the Christmas season.  I LOVE this time of year for so many, many reasons and I'm not going to lie that one reason is because of all the sweets.  Seriously right around the holiday I justify eating dessert at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  These little treats are one of my all time favorites!  I've been making them for years and they're always a hit.

Oreo truffles are a delectable and rich sweet that will leave you mouth begging for one more!  One of the best parts is that they only have 3 ingredients.  The biggest downfall is that you have to dip each one which can take some time but believe me they are sooo worth the effort. So crank up the Christmas tunes and get dipping!
Here's what you'll need:
1 package of your favorite Oreos (I always go for mint!)
1 8 oz block of cream cheese
12 oz of melting chocolate (I usually use Almond Bark)
Wax paper
First, you have to smash your Oreos.  I use my chopper for this but you could put them in a ziploc bag and use a rolling pin as well.  
I like to get mine fairly fine.

I like to garnish my chocolates after dipping them and often I'll use some of the cookies crumbs to do so.  If you plan on doing this take a couple of tablespoons out now and put them in a separate bowl.  Next, mix in the block of cream cheese.  It helps if the cream cheese is soft and I use to a pastry blender or spoon for this.

Now, you're ready to form little chocolate balls.  I use a scoop for this but your hands work too.  The dough will be very sticky and I recommend putting the dough in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes so they will be easier to dip.

While your dough is setting it's time to melt your chocolate.  Chocolate does burn fairly easily, so you need to keep the burner low and stir often.
Once your chocolate is smooth and creamy it's time to start dipping!  Professional chocolate dippers actually use their fingers for this but I prefer to use a fork or slotted spoon.

Once the truffles are covered in chocolate put them on wax paper to set.  If you are going to top them with anything now is the time.  Once the chocolate sets it won't be sticky enough to hold anything on.  Your options are limitless here.  Some of our favorites are candy pieces, cookie crumbs, sprinkles, white chocolate swirls, almost anything will work, so get creative!

They don't take too long to set, then you can either devour them or save them for your holiday event.  They do store well so you can prepare them 2 or 3 days before a party but do keep them in the fridge.  Here's to the sweetest time of year!




Lena 11/25/2012  

Oh yum, these look delicious! I never start anything Christmas-y here until after Thanksgiving either. One holiday at a time!

Crystal Carlson 11/25/2012  

YUMMY! Thanks for posting Julie--I love these, but I've never had it with the mint oreos before, so I'll definitely have to make these!

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