Jul 11, 2012

Personalized Bingo!

I LOVE pictures! They capture moments and memories perfectly; they capture life.  Because I am so obsessed with pictures I do a lot of projects with them.  In June my hubby and I were in charge of planning a family reunion for his side.  I decided to throw this game together for the event and it was a prefect gift to give to his mom.  Her own personalized version of a classic game, Bingo.

I gathered together pictures of everyone in the family.  I tried to get quite a few silly ones to make it a little more fun.  Then I arranged them orderly on a page using my Fotofusion program, but Photoshop or other similar programs would work. 

I used the same 45 pictures over and over on 12 different cards.  I printed them out in a 8x10 size and then put them in sheet protectors, so that they hopefully will last a little while.

I wanted the game to be very kid friendly so I decided to forgo the traditional letter and numbers that are used in regular bingo.  I just made sure I had every picture that I used printed out and then I cut them up.

 When we played I just showed the kids the picture so they could mark it.  Bingo is a tradition in my family and we always use Smarties candy as our markers, then I had a little prize for when someone got a BINGO!

The kids loved seeing pictures of themselves and each other on a game.  Such a fun and easy tradition!



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