Jun 7, 2012

Make a flag from paint sticks!

I'm proud to live in our country, and I love our flag.  I get excited every year to put up my patriotic decorations.  To me they look summery so I have them out for most of the summer.  One of my favorites is this paint stick flag I made years ago when I was a cub scout leader.  The boys had fun and their flags looked good.  I would be so easy to make with your own children.

You need per flag:
7 paint sticks, these are 14 inch
wire, (I used door bell wire) 2 white are 18 inch, 1 red is 16 inch
16 stars, I made these with a dye-cut machine at a scrapbook store,  1 1/8 inch wide

You also will need:
paint: red, white and blue
foam paint brushes
wire cutters
sand paper
masking tape
clear spray

Adult preparation:
Have one flag made for the boys to look at.
Use rubber bands to hold six paint sticks together.  Drill holes with 1/16 drill bit. 
Holes are 1/4 inch from edge, 3 1/2 inches from ends.
Make sure to drill straight so all the sticks will be the same. 
Drill the seventh paint stick with holes only at the top.  This will be the bottom stripe.  Lightly with a red pencil write red on this paint stick. 

Sand with sand paper any ruff wood left from drilling holes.
Use masking tape to make a line to paint blue on 4 paint sticks.  6 1/2 inchs of blue.

Instruct boys to not use too much paint so it will dry faster.
Paint the blue on the 4 taped sticks, allow to dry.

While the blue dries paint 2 sticks all red.  One must be the one with red written on it.
Paint 1 paint stick all white.
Take tape off of the sticks painted blue.
Put tape over the blue to make line to paint the other half  red or white.

Paint 2 of the half blue sticks red.
Paint 2 of the half blue sticks white.

Make a knot in one end of the white wires.
Lay out the seven paint sticks to look like a flag.
Start with the red stick with only the top holes. Bring wire through hole from the bottom.  Stitch the stripes together. 
Wrap excess wire around pencil to make spirals. 
Use red wire to make a hanger.
Glue on stars, let me make their own pattern if they want.
Spray with clear spray



Kim 6/07/2012  

I love this!

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